Leonardo was ambidextrous. 

The Mona Lisa is seen in the act of smiling, that’s why she’s known as “La Gioconda”, which means “cheerful”. 

Leonardo was a military engineer. 

Leonardo studied anatomy by performing dissections on human cadavers. 

It is said that he devised a system of writing backwards, that could be deciphered only in a mirror, to be used for important discoveries and to hide secret messages.  

His Last Supper miraculously survived the Second World War. 

Leonardo took inspiration also from mathematical and geometrical theorems to create wonderful paintings. 

The Avro Arrow would have been the best fighter jet in the world. 

The Avro Arrow was equipped with an internal ammunition cache. 

The Avro Arrow became Canada’s most famous aircraft. 

Its cancellation pushed the best Canadian minds to move to the USA. 

The aircraft’s construction blueprints were destroyed. 

Canada substituted the Avro Arrow with an American missile system. 

Mario Pesando was born in Huntsville, Ontario. 

He received a degree in Engineering from the University of Toronto in 1942. 

Mario loved aircrafts. 

Mario Pesando is considered an engineering hero in Canada. 

Mario Pesando was involved in the most significant technological events in Canada and the United States. 

He developed the “Bear Trap” system used for the landing of helicopters on naval vessels. 

He was also part of NASA’s “Man on the Moon” mission. 

A bursary named after Mario and Dorothy Pesando was established at the University of Toronto.